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Professional Photographer in Dubai

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Corinne Lund Professional Photographer in Dubai


Corinne Lund was born in Germany, grew up in Brazil, studied fine arts in Providence, Rhode Island, USA.

After some intermediate years in Germany, she moved to Paris in 1989. In order to speed-up learning the French language and to further enhance her fine arts studies, she enrolled in a high-end picture-framing course, also having realized that she rarely was happy with the way publicly displayed artworks were framed. This course led on to several other more specialized ones within the field such as Lavis techniques and display casings

This background was instrumental in the fine-tuning of her eyes for photographically framing a view into an image.

The natural consequence of the different artistic endeavors was: Completing a long relationship with cameras through a formal education in the field, as well as several creative workshops.

Corinne’s ways to photography, and her views about it, can be summarized by some of her own thoughts:

*”I decided early-on to belong to the part of humanity, which stands behind the lens rather than facing the sunshade and filter-thread end of it…”

*”I went through decades of explorations through various film formats, countless hours in the darkroom, using myriads of lenses, shifts and tilts, filters, experimenting with contrasts, baths, stop/zone systems, miles of test strips…”

*”When digital photography caught up with the quality and speed that I was used to in the analog days, I was very surprised how easy it was to abandon the purist approach that I thought that I had…”

*”This is when I acquired a formal education, resulting in the degree of Professional Photographer at the New York Institute of Photography…”

*”Since you never stop learning, I also enjoyed the intensity and pace of weeks-long photography courses at the Speos School in Paris and several workshops with famous photographers, as for example a phenomenal week with Steve McCurry in Abu Dhabi and surroundings in the UAE…”

*”People, their activities and their settings have determined what I do rather than me having had to make choices. The key to making it all work, has been persuading the part of the world’s population that is undecided regarding on which side of the lens they should be to naturally carry on with their lives, in full vision through my zoom…”

*”Photoshop, Lightroom, DXO Optics are the darkroom of modern photography, as used sparingly to bring out the truth in a good light or aesthetically portraying a harsh reality. The exaggerated use of software can in the best case subscribe the image under Photo-Art and in the worst case be a lie…”

Dubai in the UAE is Corinne’s headquarters. Abu Dhabi and the other Emirates are frequent sites for her photography. She has travelled the Americas,Africa, Asia, the Middle East and Europe as a freelance photographer as well as on assignment.



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