Madina the girl from Uganda



When I saw Madina during a professional photo-shoot in Dubai, UAE, I just could not resist talking to her and ask her if I could take pictures of this very good looking girl. The contrast of her teeth and her beautiful skin color and her smile just fascinated me.
While I was talking to her I could feel that she wanted to come but on the other hand she was scared of a stranger offering her a photo shoot. I gave her my business card and told her that she can call me whenever she wants.
2 days later she called me and asked me if she could come, but made sure to ask me if she could bring a friend. Sure, I said and was happy that she had accepted. Her friend was her boss that was happy to see that I wasn’t going to ask her to take pictures in any way that she wouldn’t want to.
It turned out to be a great photo shoot in my studio in Dubai.

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Natalie Lund – Actress and Singer


Natalie in Dubai – UAE – Natalie Lund is a singer and actress in Berlin, Germany.
I do like the contrast between her smart clothes and the shabby place this picture was taken.

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Alina, model in Dubai

IMG_9363 IMG_9426a IMG_9462 2

Alina is a model in Dubai. These pictures were taken during the golden hour, unfortunately the golden hour during the summer in Dubai just lasts for some minutes. To take pictures at this time I had to be very fast, but this was no problem because Alina is a professional model and knows exactly how to move.

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