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Bundestag Berlin – The former Reichstag was set on fire in 1933. The building was partially refurbished in 1960 but was not properly completed until after the re-unification of Germany  when it was eventually redesigned by the star architect Norman Foster.

The building was first designed by the architect Paul Wallot in the Neo-Classical style. Wallot based his design directly on Philadelphia’s Memorial Hall.

The new large Glass Dome has a view of 360 degrees over the cityscape. It is one of my favourite buildings in Berlin, because it has successfully integrated an old Neo-Classic design with a very modern glass, mirror and metal dome.



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Desert photo shoot

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Photo shoot in the Dubai desert. Sophie and Mark from Texas hired me for this engagement photo shoot. We had sooooooo much fun . Got lucky with clouds in the summer, people that have been in Dubai know how rare this is. It was just great to have them both her in Dubai. Thank you!

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Rishikesh impressions

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Some impressions of Rishikesh in the State of Uttarakhand in the foothills of the Himalayas. It is known as a holy town and one of the holiest places for the Hindus. The town is vegetarian and a “dry county” by law. The cows have the right of way in every situation: vis-a-vis cars, bikes, pedestrians. This right also extends into shops, restaurants, barber shops and probably city hall. Rishikesh is also known for its numerous Yoga schools. From the whole world serious yoga students come to learn asanas and kriyas that will help them to lead a healthy life and teach others following the many yoga teacher courses. Many saints and sages have visited the ashrams of the town on the Ganges (the Ganga) since ancient times to retreat and meditate. The town has diversified into modern activities like rafting and bungee jumping. The Ganga is considered to be special or even holy, which would explain its survival of the enormous masses of plastic and other garbage dumped into it at an uninterrupted and frenetic pace.

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