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Girl in Vietnam


This girl is the daughter of the owners of a “Pho” (noodle soup place) in Da Nang. She was helping her parents in the restaurant when I first saw her.  I just had to have her in front of my camera. She is quite a beauty! At first she was afraid of a camera pointing at her face… but after a short time she was visibly enjoying it.



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Girl during funeral


While we were biking in Vietnam we were invited to the burial of the grandfather of this girl… as all the asian people, all were very hospitable even during mourning. Visitors who attend a funeral usually bring “sympathy flowers”, sometimes attached to an envelope containing money to help the unfortunate family cover the cost of the funeral. Since we had been invited we also offered flowers and money. A walked around the coffin completed our show of respect to the family of the deceased.


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Dry Ha Long Bay


Dry Ha Long Bay in Viet Nam. Ninh Binh, is one of the most stunning places in Viet Nam.  This place is a “must” for rowers and people that like the nature.

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