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Kiwengwa, Zanzibar


We went out on this Dhow like sailing boats in Kiwengwa, Zanzibar and I could not avoid taking many pictures of the man working on the boat. Originally the Dhows were used to transport heavy goods like fruits, water and spices from India, Middle East and Africa. Now the Dhows in Zanzibar are used for fishing and to transport tourists.

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Stone Town, Zanzibar


This is just one of the very interesting corners of Stone Town also known as Mji Mkongwe that means “old town” in Swahili. Walking through the town it doesn’t take much to observe a big similarities with Oman. The same old carved doors are all over,  the Kumma (Omani cap) and not to forget the most beautiful sailing boats…the DHOW. In 1840 Sultan Said bin Sultan moved his seat from Muscat (Oman) to  Zanzibar. Just 21 years later Zanzibar and Oman were separated in consequence of a war of succession within the Omani Royal Family, with Zanzibar becoming a independent sultanate under Sultan Said bin Sultan. The architecture of Stone Town is a unique mixture of Arabic, European, Persian and Indian. That is the reason why the town was designated as a UNESCO World Heritage in 2000.

Stone Town consists of maze of narrow alleys lined with mosques, shops, houses and bazaars.

Last but not least:  Freddie Mercury was born in one of those houses.