Madina the girl from Uganda



When I saw Madina during a professional photo-shoot in Dubai, UAE, I just could not resist talking to her and ask her if I could take pictures of this very good looking girl. The contrast of her teeth and her beautiful skin color and her smile just fascinated me.
While I was talking to her I could feel that she wanted to come but on the other hand she was scared of a stranger offering her a photo shoot. I gave her my business card and told her that she can call me whenever she wants.
2 days later she called me and asked me if she could come, but made sure to ask me if she could bring a friend. Sure, I said and was happy that she had accepted. Her friend was her boss that was happy to see that I wasn’t going to ask her to take pictures in any way that she wouldn’t want to.
It turned out to be a great photo shoot in my studio in Dubai.

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