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Fortune Teller II – Beijing

Lama Temple in Beijing – Yong He Gong Temple

Chinese Bazi  Astrology – To calculate your destiny with bazi means just that: lots of complex calculations involving the interactions of forces such as ‘the four pillars’, ‘the five elements’ and ‘the heaven stem’.
Dating back to the Song Dynasty (960–1279) , this ‘scientific’ form of soothsaying is being made easier these days thanks to the publishing of books with pre-worked tables (as favoured by pensioners outside temples) and even 21st-century updated versions of these on apps and websites. But you’ll still need a basic understanding of bazi in order to get the most from these devices.
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Fortune Teller I in Beijing

Confucius Temple in Beijing –  Outside many of the city temples, you will find old men sitting in low stalls, clutching books full of multi-coloured tables of Mandarin characters.

Beijing’s psychic HQ is without a doubt Guozijian Jie, the pleasant, tree-lined street that branches off Yonghegong Dajie and leads to the Confucius Temple. Upon entering the street at its eastern end, you are confronted by poster upon poster of wise-looking men offering all kinds of spiritual services, from feng shui to naming advice, and, of course, fortune-telling.
Techniques differ from parlour to parlour, but most offer hand and face reading. Prices vary, too, and seem to be dependent on how elaborate the reader’s costume is or the length of his facial hair, but you can expect to have a decent hand or face reading for around 330RMB, or a combination of the two for about 660RMB. The only downside is that, unless your Mandarin is really good, you will need someone to translate for you.


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