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Pindaya, Burma

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In Burma, as in all regions in Asia, women are the working force.

The Pindaya Caves are very famous for being a pilgrimage site. It is also known for its interior that is supposed to have over 8000 Buddha’s. Most of them are gold plated. Some of these Buddhas date back to the 18th century but some are brand new and have not had time to be gold plate.

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Buddha in Hong Kong

Tian Tan Buddha at the Po Lin Monastery on Lantau Island  (Hong Kong) is a large bronze statue of the Buddha Amoghasiddhi. The Po Ling Monastery symbolises the harmonious relationship between men and nature. The Monastery offers for small money a fantastic vegetarian meal to all that visit the place.

One can take the cable car to go up the mountain… you get a stunning view of the mountains and the sea. It is absolutely breathtaking. If you take the bus you will get the most amazing glimpses of the imposing mountains and pass by small, old and original-looking villages. Lantau Island is one of the real original places in Hong Kong.

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China man in Beijing

Again in my favorite Lama Temple, this man was sitting on the floor and observing people praying in front of the  impressive fifty-four-foot (25m) high Buddha carved from one piece of Tibetan sandalwood.

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