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Pindaya, Burma

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In Burma, as in all regions in Asia, women are the working force.

The Pindaya Caves are very famous for being a pilgrimage site. It is also known for its interior that is supposed to have over 8000 Buddha’s. Most of them are gold plated. Some of these Buddhas date back to the 18th century but some are brand new and have not had time to be gold plate.

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Inle lake – Burma

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Inle Lake in Myanmar. Many temples around the Inle Lake. There is a small temple with hundreds of  Buddha statues in alcove’s all over the square halls.

The Kayan Lahwi tribe ladies wear the brass neck rings. Girls start wearing the neck ring when they are 5 years old. Apparently the women where them to avoid becoming slaves because they become less attractive. Another theory is that the coils give the women resemblance to a dragon, which in the Kayan cultural folclore is an important figure.

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Monk in Yangon


Monk and mobile phone series… This monk is so immersed into his mobile phone that he doesn’t notice a camera clicking…


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