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Monks in Beijing

Monks at the reception window at the Yonghe Lamasery temple, popularly called “Lama Temple” it is a place of peace and harmony. It is a temple and a monastery of the Geluk School of Tibetan Buddhism.

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China man in Beijing

Again in my favorite Lama Temple, this man was sitting on the floor and observing people praying in front of the  impressive fifty-four-foot (25m) high Buddha carved from one piece of Tibetan sandalwood.

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Lady at the Lama Temple in Beijing

Old smiley lady at the Lama Temple in Beijing.

This is one of my favorite places in Beijing, specially during the week. It is tranquil with many monks going after their everyday tasks. It used to be a palace but was converted into a Tibetan Buddhist monastery. It is a functionings temple and monastery of the Geluk School. The series of the most beautiful pavilion architecture comprise this Mongolian-Tibetan yellow-sect temple. One of Beijing’s treasure in my opinion.

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