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Cattle in Bagan


Sunset with cattle in Bagan, Burma.


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Bagan, Myanmar



This picture was taken in Bagan… the most amazing place. In the background is the Dhammayangyi Temple. The locals say there are over 3300 Stupas and Temples here….

This is the biggest one  and was built by King Narathu in 1196-1198



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Kiri Vihara – White Stupa

Kiri Vihara is a dagoba in the medieval UNESCO-listed city of Polonnaruwa in Sri Lanka. A dagoba is a mound which holds in the relics of a sacred person and it is believed that the Kiri Vihara was dedicated to Subhadra, the queen of King Parakramabahu (1153-1186).

Like other dagobas, Kiri Vihara is a domed structure, which would have been a stark white colour (in fact, its current name means “milk white shrine”).

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