• I have worked with Corinne on several occasions and find her to be a a wonderful amalgam of what it takes to be a really good photographer. Her eye for detail, her sense of composition and perspective is one of the best I have seen…Her thoroughly professional approach to her job and her passion shine right through each and every photo….
      Devjani Cox

      Above the link to photos of mine in Inside Out Magazine


        * Corinne photography make memorable moments documented in a very real and authentic beauty.
         We have hired her for the high school graduation ceremony of sheikh Abdulla bin Fayez AlQassimi
         from the ruling royal family of Ras al Khaima. Her pictures have helped summarise 3 hr event for a life time.
         The picture truly showed the mix of joy and sadness of graduations. The authenticity of the picture
         doesn't only stem from the captured atmosphere but the minimal editing. 

         I've also seen Corinne photography of corporate events for Dubai Refreshments (Pepsi) and her work has been excellent.

         Noaf Ahmad (Dubai Refreshments)

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